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2008 4 big Feng Zicheng the star of marriage

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Love is fastfood, marriage is snack. In the time of this popular and fastfood snack, one night is romantic, holding out abdomen next the example of Feng Zicheng marriage is already common. Since had gotten on a car, that with respect to conscientiously buy ticket after normal time. Review recreational group, there is no lack of all the time Feng Zicheng marriage person, recently is more gather together be pregnant marry. Shanghai of king sign language marries charming wife to return clearly to be in eye, tong Dawei also will hold wedding in Beijing tomorrow. They are the Feng Zicheng marriage of outside hearsay. We still let see the comrade that these BABY are a marriage certificate below.

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Article of Ma Yi 琍

This is loved to sister younger brother also is recently be exploded to go out parents has seen when spending the New Year, registered secretly. Was exploded to go into action again recently Yi 琍 has set his mind at to raise an embryo in Shanghai, look may not of this Feng Zicheng marriage is an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors.

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King annals Wen Chenjian is red

What let recreational group and people greatly astonish is this pair, not throat does not breath out they are a pair actually, and it is fast married everybody just knows. What cannot avoid custom nevertheless also is to be guessed to be to act according to child get married, this remains in the future textual research.

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Liu Tao Wangke

2008 beginning, a the most arrogant wedding is held in Beijing. Leading role is Liu Tao, Wang Ke. Unlike her person, liu Tao not only announce to will exit recreation to encircle on wedding, happy still think everybody announces he has been pregnant. Sweet preparation exits recreation to encircle after marriage, set one's mind at photograph husband godchild.

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Tong Dawei closes Yue

On April 17, tong Dawei closes Yue to will hold wedding in Beijing. This still thanksed to to the lover's exposure rich guest of Tong Dawei, tong Dawei makes public marriage dispatch to want to be born this child because of the decision namely on his rich guest, the time that if be mixed with Tong Dawei,passes Yue marriage is computative, guan Yuehuai pregnant at least already 3 months.

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