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Xie Yiqian acquiesces to already married figure is lightsome break hearsay of Fe
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Since on the month is kicked to explode by the netizen Xie Yiqian and Tian Liang are registered in Beijing after marrying, two party did not marry all the time be related is responded to to the public. On November 15 afternoon, the reporter learns Xie Yiqian to will be in Beijing to travel to attend Guangdong international dancing of rehearse of Cultural Festival opening ceremony, immediately is driven toward rehearse ground seek by inquiry. Xie Yiqian to marrying be related is tight-mouthed as before, but the fact that final Xie Yiqian acquiesced to marry, bashfully is laughing to express, marry actually and can not affect her act art career.

Most nearly not little talk says Xie Yiqian and cropland shine is to act according to child get married, but the reporter discovered Xie Yiqian is in however that day rehearse when figure is lightsome, be without pregnant overstaffed, alvine very even also, which resembled be pregnant. And if she was pregnant, which dare still receive the living theatre to jump to be sung again again on the stage? The pattern that demonstrates publicly personally now smashed pregnant rumor. But Xie Yiqian is compared apparently before marrying more low-key, wearing very simple sweater, wore top hat, just began to go in, the reporter did not recognize.

Xie Yiqian divulges to the reporter he received a lot of plays, the plan will receive theatrical work of some of movie and TV more henceforth. The reporter takes the chance to ask because she married,she is can diagonally color chooses somewhat, dare not receive show of a few passion, at this moment Xie Yiqian cannot help explaining eventually, "Who said to married to cannot act, I feel irrespective, marrying to cannot perform this is feudal thought " . Circled a long time, this ability acquiesced eventually the fact that oneself marry.

But accepting brief after interviewing, xie Yiqian leaves rehearse ground with respect to haste, reporters chase after elevator to want to allow the thing that she reveals bit of He Tianliang is bridal, but she states whats do not want to say however, immediately goes person. And her assistant expresses, a lot of people want to know this thing now, but " when is the company giving everybody the view in arrangement, should wait a moment first " .