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Standard of banquet of cropland bright marriage every desk 8000 yuan
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China Daily website is round-the-world and online message: Diving prince Tian Liang and Xie Yiqian will be in a hotel to hold bridal message to cause each to just pay close attention to in Xi'an at the near future. Some website course confirms on the spot yesterday, tian Liang and Xie Yiqian are in although the marriage banquet of Xi'an is so costly without Xu Ziqi, but also spent fully 20 much, still plan even carve of special and airborne ice and flower, luxurious and romantic degree sees one spot.

This website personage is guided in insider below, the public house that the same night finds Tian Liang to be about to hold wedding -- Xi'an is sent this hotel. This hotel is located in shopping centers of international of eagle of gold of Xi'an high new developed area, belong to Xi'an very little earth a sector of an area of very little gold.

As we have learned, the public house that two people run marriage banquet last year ability practice, the odd world price of the hotel is 586 yuan of RMBs, the most expensive room is panoramic apartment, live cost of one night house is 5886 yuan. Although hotel area is not big, but the Western-style food office that one can hold 150 people and a banqueting hall that can contain 18 desks feast, cropland shines and Xie Yiqian's wedding will be held in banqueting hall, whole banqueting hall has 200 square metre probably. Hotel clerk expresses, banqueting hall puts just right of 15 pieces of tables to be not squeezed, and can appear very sweet.

   Decide menu personally every table is near 8000

Hotel side introduces, the banquet minimum price of the hotel is 699 yuan, go up not to seal a top, the guest can choose dish to taste independently. He affirms this month 28, 29 days of banqueting hall had been booked, but order to specific what person, do what thing not to disclose however. Hotel interior understands reporter development, cropland shines and Xie Yiqian's bridal eat sheet all chooses personally by two people, include the rare dish such as abalone to taste, every desk price is close to 8000 yuan. And the design of whole wedding is Xi'an design of whole journey of building of shadow of gauze of a famous marriage, the diving that designs He Tianliang to once was engaged in is concerned. In addition, shadow building still was designed illuminate with gauze of two people marriage for setting, area the gigantic sea of nearly 10 square metre signs up for, whole and bridal spot will by the liliaceous deck of high chasteness, these flowers are special from Yunnan airborne come over. After Xi'an marriage banquet ends, two people still will do in native place of Xie Yiqian Fujian. (Origin: Chongqing times)