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Day of Sa division aplanatic may announce marriage dispatch
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France " week daily " weekly faceless news source says 6 days of cite, french president Nigula Sakeqi will block marriage of La Bulvni with cummer in Feburary. If the report is belonged to solid, this will become Sakeqidi 3 times marriage, wedding day is apart from he and Li of Cecil of the 2nd wife inferior the divorce still is less than 4 months, and be apart from Sakeqi to know Bulvni to have 2 months only.

   One sends ring, one sends wrist the list

The report says, sakeqi and cloth Lv Buddhist nun will on Feburary 8 or hold wedding 9 days. Sakeqi spends birthday 53 years old by January, bulvni spent birthday in December last year.

" week daily " say, when Sakeqi knows Bulvni to still be less than a month, send a You Di abstruse gem stylist Wei Ke much · blocks what Sitelan designs to be engaged ring, bulvni is answered send his 100 Da Feili wrist the list.

If the report is belonged to solid, this will become the 3rd marriage of Sakeqi, and the brigade that Bulvni also will begin marriage the 2nd times, bulvni ever pulled Fei Er · to hold high with philosopher hold flourishing in the palm to had had unsuccessful marriage, two people Yo has one child, the name is Aoleilian.

" Sunday signs up for " the boss is A Nuo Lajiadaier, neat personal friendship of he and Sa family is very close, accordingly this newspaper always is hep to Sakeqi's tendercy.

   "Accurate mother-in-law " agree to propose

Since Sakeqi and Bulvni after heading for Egypt to spend Christmas vacation together, the hearsay that is about to marry about two people had not stopped. Bulvni's mother is being accepted when interviewing, say, sakeqi has proposed to the daughter, "I say to Sakeqi, "Presidential gentleman, I reject this one request without reason. "My daughter is experiencing a real love now, I think they can become husband and wife of a pair of conjugal love. I think they can become husband and wife of a pair of conjugal love..

Sakeqi will hold the press conference of 2 hours when be in the Elysee Palace tomorrow, meantime may speak of the hearsay that he will marry.

Meanwhile, ex-wife Cecil Li of Sakeqi inferior closing the book that writes to tell about she and Sakeqisheng to live with the person. Sakeqi says, he hopes to be able to get ahead of schedule very much one ought the pattern book of the book, but publisher undertook keeping secret strictly to this book.

   Rate of privacy exposure support glides

Respect of the Elysee Palace has not appear personally the rumor that denies Sakeqi to be about to marry. And the pollster expresses, before Sakeqi carries Bulvni to expert, toward Egypt peace treaty dawn travels, agog hope lets new cummer become " first-lady " action aggravate the impetus that Sakeqi support rate glides.

Conservative public figure calls this France president " rapid Sakeqi " , they think, the hand that Sa division of 52 years old is playing cummer together is before the press photographer " modelling of bend so as to breakstubborn " it is not quite proper thing.
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