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This hill of Zhao of capacity audience of high friend of Liu billows wedding giv
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"You ask me love to you have many deep, I love your part, you go wanting, you go having a look, the heart that the moon represents me... " in the singing with euphemistic lingering of a Deng Liqun, zhao Junzhe of Chinese football gentleman and sweetheart Liu Tao are in the 5 stars step of Shenyang is big hotel -- the spousal of matutinal international restaurant reached a climax...

Zhao Junzhe and Liu Tao, this pair experienced 5 years of love to overflow the new personality that overflows long-distance running, was fond of a knot to connect manage eventually yesterday, set foot on the red carpet that bespreads rose valve jointly, begin a paragraph of brand-new life that belongs to themselves.

The road to happiness full of hardships -- postpone again and again of marriage ceremony time

Afternoon 2 when the left and right sides, when the reporter hurries to the spot, the spot collected hundreds cause, Liu already two close friends, and beaming also be mingled with is in Zhao Junzhe's parents in the crowd, awaiting the arrival of this pair of new personality.

Afternoon 2 when 30 minutes or so, zhao Junzhe and Liu Tao are taken run quickly lengthen house car, slowly sail matutinal international restaurant, the Zhao Junzhe that wears black to grow business suit takes the lead in walking out of house car, will to another side open door when him, when help by the arm gives bridal Liu Tao, tens of renown photography, absorb the newlywed person that targetted camera lens this pair of envy making a person like reporter Qi Qi, flashlight shines ceaseless, it is to be opposite it seems that the blessing of new personality.

According to beforehand plan, the wedding of this pair of new personality begins Zhao Junzhe and Liu Tao time is in surely 15 days afternoon 3 when 28 minutes, but because come to the reporter of bridal spot too much, but by meanwhile a few important honored guests -- Zhao Benshan of president of sufficient club of Zhu Heyuan of experienced Zhu Anhu of bishop of Chinese football team, the leader of a sports team, distant has not come, after consequently bridal time is forced to delay.

Afternoon 3 when 30 minutes or so, zhu Anhu, Zhu Heyuan is accompanied solely in Zhao Benshan and Zhangshu below, appear in banquet hall, caused a disturbance inside field. After this, the person such as the Li Jinyu of national full team member that just returns Beijing from Germany, Wang Liang, Zheng Zhi, Li Yan, Ji Ming justice, Zhang Yaokun comes to banqueting hall early or late, caused a small disorder once more. After this, the Li Ming of team of real moral character, Li Yao, liaoning team bishop drills the person such as trainer Li Shubin, Xu Tao also enters group of Zhang Yin, nation before banqueting hall.

   16 when 08 minutes, wedding begins formally

The music with serious wedding march rings, the lamplight of banquet hall goes out, in the candle illumination of bits and pieces boast falls, bridegroom Zhao Junzhe and bridal Liu Tao are in the applause of hundreds close friends, take banqueting hall, set foot on the red carpet that bespreads a rose. Look reach, no matter be Zhao Junzhe, still be Liu Tao, the Dou Yang on the face is worn happy smile, and station aside father cause new student of Zhao Junzhe is readily take the opportunity to more close not approach mouth.
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