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Get married Tong got Wang Zhiwen last year greatly in April card
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Group of the entertainment that mix mark is old " old man " Wang Zhiwen will hold wedding at was in Shanghai April, just when red small unripe Tong Dawei and the girlfriend that talked about love 78 years also prepared to marry, these are not rumors, who be although we do not know those who marry to king sign language wants,, but marry Tong Dawei's is " Changchun belle " Guan Yue.

This year is to marry height year, do not know Wang Zhiwen and Tong Dawei are in how to long begin to prepare wedding before.
Tong Dawei already got card last year
Speak of from Tong Dawei first, on bureau of a private meal, a good friend that is engaged in actor broker speaks of the reporter inadvertently, tong Dawei prepares to be in beginning of spring and cummer Guan Yue get married this year. And actually, concerned Yu Tongda is the message that marry, going early annual in, there ever had been rumor in the network. Media coverage says at that time, tong Dawei has closed Yue to get a marriage certificate with cummer, will marry at the end of the year, nevertheless, that message did not get him Tong Dawei confirm.
This launch investigation once more when the reporter when, tong Dawei's old good friend agrees to start to talk eventually conversation, he expresses, guan Yue is Tong Dawei's old cummer really, two people are in love already 78 years. Guan Yue also calculates coterie, from film institute graduation hind still has given musical special.
This friend still expresses, before getting card with Guan Yue last year, tong Dawei ever still looked for him to had discussed, because at that time " struggle " just be inside countrywide limits conflagration, its broker company does not want to let he is love and marriage and abandon somewhat. To this, tong Dawei's manner is quite determined, ever expressed " Guan Yue sacrifices for me so much, as the man, I can not cash how her acceptance. " subsequently ground of honor permits no turning back chose to get card stealthily.
Wang Zhiwen Shanghai got married in April
A news that marries about Wang Zhiwen also goes up to be shown fully in that meal bureau, another coterie expresses at that time: "Prepare the star that marry to still have recently actually many, wang Zhiwen also wants to marry in Shanghai immediately! " but ask again and who is Wang Zhiwen marrier, that friend expresses, he also listens to a friend that gets Wang Zhiwen marriage to invite to inform, as to who be, he also is not too clear.
With Tong Dawei marriage " success will come when conditions are ripe " photograph comparing, the reporter seeks testimony about the investigation of respect of Wang Zhiwen marriage without what major however breakthrough, besides a few a few coterie admit, it is to had heard near future of king sign language wants to be outside Shanghai marriage, about the recent situation at he and his cummer, all unknown. Finally, the reporter contacted the relevant personage of Tong Dawei and respect of king sign language respectively, tong Dawei's agent the answer of Miss Tang comparatives the government: "This I am not quite clear, and the private affairs that the issue closes actor, I all along won't bother about. " and the phone of person of king annals text fails all the time get through.
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