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Qu Ying does not care to get card to want a wedding only
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A bit busy recently, at the same time busy move becomes a boss, want to take theatrical work of Olympic Games scene at the same time, become a honored guest everywhere even at the same time. Filming in Beijing insecurity drama of Olympic Games scene " the Olympic Games is in my home " Qu Ying, asked for leave one day to the play staff yesterday, appear on the market for some brand shampoo on Shanghai showing a body sing the praises. Before him streak opened store of an advanced hand-me-down newly, qu Ying breathes out repeatedly become a boss too satisfy a craving.

Take sport everyday, qu Ying is gotten into his hand-me-down inn, because business of the volume in inn wants her to worry about,be on one hand, other one party also is to loosen the mood. "Take scene drama pressure this too big, want to revise a play every day! " this design lets drama Central Plains Qu Ying married on August 8, 2008, nevertheless Qu Ying wore the dream of marriage gauze to be hanged a bit again now, "The appointment boy or girl friend that writes to me now is ugly dead, really too do not rely on chart. " Qu Ying grinning ground " grouse " playwrite.

The knot in play does not get married, when can be the bride become in real life child? Piece inferior east