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The 8 big reason that matutinal Le Jier marries
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Most official reason: Affection arrives in

Marry to need not be compared in the place that takes in life, that is a pair of lovers are the greatest in each other heart be in love with. The marital all along of star suffers fully fix eyes upon, the marriage nature be nothing difficult of king of this goosefoot day. But cast,go this star aureola, they just are a pair of common newlywed, the love dash conjugate that a lot of people also are met and they bless like phreatic water is successful, live to old age in conjugal bliss, share the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family.

  Most the reason that suspicious: Act according to child get married

Star marries mostly later, basically act for oneself because of them art the career can not accept overmuch obligation. Dawn serves as one of day king, the position is paid close attention to all the time by the masses. And come out with countless female stars the dawn that red hears pours unlike Liu De Hua to be opposite in that way oneself amour assist is worn hiding, have an exposure, every time dynamic. Let a person regard beautiful flower for a time big little. Come out suddenly this marriage dispatch, the consideration performs art circle to compare the pattern of the Feng Zicheng marriage of be current, it is OK to do not know without what see matutinal Le Jier is bridal we can be denied whether to guess they had had baby?

   The most sensible argument: Matutinal transition

Goosefoot is not the dawn of ten years ago 4 days of big Wang Shi tomorrow morning, that moment performs art circle a prosperity, arrived in Hong Kong it may be said the room for action that gold of full glutinous rehmannia chooses along with you. 4 days of big present king do not say one face vicissitudes of life, at least is not groups youth is small any more, desperately 3 man also should let sb know with the age. The Liu Dehua that rejects red to hear all the time repeatedly also comes out recently be about to the news of big marriage. Can be imagined, had begun a main actor " Mei Yanfang " this kind pure the film that relies on acting, be matutinal and true transition make. Became the person of room having the home this, should say, matutinal henceforth much meeting goes into play road of the man.

   most reason: Le Jier is red

Becoming goosefoot elder brother's wife is very posted thing, below the premise that does not plan to do full-time wife in Le Jier, le Jier becomes female star of a gleam of very likely because of this the fate brings lovers together. It is to bless force to hold out no matter, still be the not sensible quarrelling sound that comes from matutinal vermicelli made from bean starch, let this Hong Kong likely 3 shed an actor to become good investment target, recreational topic. To Le Jier, be entering is retreating is foreground a happiness.
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