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Will greet after the Olympic Games marriage celebrate a height athlete of 8 big
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On Beijing Olympic Games, chinese delegacy obtained all-time big bumper harvest, a lot of athletes arrive for systemic heart investment among training, even marriage also in the future procrastinated. After Beijing Olympic Games ends, these gold athletes will greet a marriage to celebrate a height. After the joyance seizing gold that shares them, compatriots still will share their new happiness!

Li Xiaopeng villa makes marriage room

Before Beijing Olympic Games, everybody knows Yang Wei's girlfriend is Yang Yun, but the girlfriend that knows Li Xiaopeng without a few people however is who.

After two gold are seized repeatedly on the Olympic Games, girlfriend Li Anqi of Li Xiaopeng rises to surface eventually. Li Anqi also one's previous experience at doing old and well-known family, father is male team of former state gymnastics famous athlete Li Xiaoping, the mother is Wen Jia of female team athlete. Occupy Li Xiaopeng's mother to divulge, the son after the Olympic Games is about to get married, their family is early begin to arrange Li Xiaopeng's marriage secretly. After Athenian Olympic Games, bureau of Hunan Province sports and social all circles rewarded Li Xiaopeng a villa, after Beijing Olympic Games ends, li Jiahui covers villa to undertake decorating to this immediately, regard the marriage of Li Xiaopeng marriage as the room.

3 ground do Yang Wei celebration

This pair of gymnastic sweethearts are Yang Wei and Yang Yun already common people place knows, beijing Olympic Games seizes male group and individual all-round repeatedly after two gold, yang Wei also should enter marital hall. Male team is held early to recapture organization championship one day that afresh in Chinese body, yang Wei's father discloses say, their family been makinging preparations for Yang Wei bridal, after the Olympic Games ends, yang Wei will be held in 3 places marry celebration. It is Beijing, here is the base camp of Chinese gymnastic team, the person of leader, coach, teammate and team of gymnastics of China of a lot of cares, support wants to ask. The 2 home town that are Yang Wei, the 3rd is Yang Yun's home town. Him Yang Wei expresses publicly also: "Beijing Olympic Games should be last my Olympic Games, I should marry later. I should marry later..

Zhu Fang rain differs a day to was not decided only

After the Olympic Games, rain of Zhu Fang of male basket general also should get married. Last year in December, zhu Fang rain and the cummer introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad beauty that are in love 3 years are registered marry. Hu Mei is before team member of team of national art gymnastics, retire two years ago, read an university at the same time in Guangzhou, take care of the dietary daily life of Zhu Fang rain at the same time. Since after marrying, zhu Fang rain also becomes mature a lot of. Nevertheless, because the Olympic Games prepares for war, two people did not hold wedding up to now.

According to saying, after the Olympic Games ends, the marriage that Zhu Fang rain also wants to greet his celebration. Wedding general in Dongguan, Liuzhou, Nanning 3 ground hold wedding respectively, just marriage celebrate date to still cannot come down certainly now.
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