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Steam ball is bridal

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Heat up a balloon, the dream of the volitation that gives the mankind is inserted went up wing, and this dream add details to a painting colourful, gorgeous and dazzing, the creativity of human passion, second year the imagination of li second fine long hair, until was conveyed on steam ball.

The hot balloon that held their romance in Guangzhou city to new personality in August 2000 is bridal, the beautiful bride that wears white marriage gauze and the bridegroom that wear ceremonial robe or dress multiply a festooned vehicle to come to the front of red carpet, they had walked along red carpet hand in hand, come to the front of steam ball, of bridegroom happiness hold the bride in the arms on steam ball, air man is driving to heat up 1000 fine long hair small slowly departure the ground, blue sky, as always with cool breeze Bai Yun is awaiting new personality to admire a hug. Bridegroom bride meets every in the headroom of 40M leaf is scattered to the ground, change 100 years old of moves cool breeze waves fall, flutter lightly like countless butterfly.

Ramble takes hey at the hot balloon between blue Tian Baiyun people surprise, steam ball volume is huge, colour of 17M of diameter of tall 23M ball is gorgeous, provide visual wallop extremely, of the hot balloon of bright-coloured saliva and wedding beaming, attracted countless open-eyed and admiring look, it is a distinctive wedding that stimulate and does not have Feng Xian really.

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