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Western-style marriage common
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Have a lot of like traditional Chinese style wedding consuetudinary and same, what Western-style wedding also has a tradition is consuetudinary, we extracted what a few have a characteristic most from which, how much to see you know?

Why be when wedding, is the bride always the left that stands in bridegroom?

In ancient time, full the bride that Gelusa can inferior often must come out boldly, be not reaved in order to protect a bride by others. In marry when celebration, bridegroom lets new a form of address for one's wife stand in his left, once enemy's situation appears, can pull out instantly the sword that wears leftward, repel the enemy gallantly.

Why does the bride want veil?

Original, bridal veil is indicative youth and chasteness, a long time ago, the bride of Christian is wearing white veil to state Qing Chunhe is joyful; Or the veil that wears blue, be like emperor in order to show the chasteness of female Maria. Allegedly, in those days Ma gauze. The granddaughter Ni Li of Washington. Hua Lesi is cheating white scarf uniquely when marry, lift temporarily fashion. This namely the bride wears the consuetudinary origin that wears white veil today. In those days after the fiance of Ma gauze sees she stands in bud silk curtain, fine-looking and breathtaking, praise greatly. This gave her to wear the inspiration of white gauze when wedding.

Why is diamond engaged should ring wear leftward ring finger to go up?

The ancients thinks the blood-vessel of left hand ring finger is direct heart, the pickpocket that the bridegroom of mediaeval century wears marriage ring in the bride by turns points to on, indicative the Father, the Son of God, with comforter Trinitarian, get on the ring finger that ring wears leftward finally. Then. Left hand ring finger becomes all English to fasten national convention to wear the finger of marriage give up.

Why does the bride wear white ceremonial robe or dress?

Begin from Roman times, white is indicative love. Arrived 1850 between 1900, white also is symbolized richly at the beginning of this century, white representing's pure meaning is far already exceed other.

Why the bride should wear a glove

When mediaeval century, accurate bridegroom should send the token of indicative love, in order to stabilize the heart of sweetheart. A lot of gent send a glove to express to propose to sweetheart at that time, if the other side is wearing that assistant to cover when the cathedral on Sunday, state she has promised to propose.

Why should the bride cast ball-flower?

The bride casts ball-flower to mean to who receive to was about to marry, so we often can see such occasion: Yi group the youth that be mad with joy is awaiting a bride the ball-flower that go out is cast in the hand.

Should bridegroom also throw a thing?

Bridegroom casts socks to encircle same message who does receive to be about bridegroom

Why to marry is cake is answered one cascade?

Multilayer the England with type cake inchoate traceable. At that time, flow to take small-sized cake to attend a party all right socially, . Pile cake into hill shape, the purpose wants to kiss the toppest part to new personality namely. It is heavy and difficult that with symbolizing their love can span, obtain constant love and happiness finally. To now, traditional marriage cake all is used multilayer design, give priority to with white, representing chasteness and happiness.
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