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Oushi is fashionable -- lawn is bridal
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Choose a greenbelt or outskirts villa garden, or lakefront lawn or draw near according to hill water, through elaborate deck, in sunshine, the encircle of nature is thrown jointly with close friends in the meadow, share chic bridal atmosphere. Elegance, novel, vogue, in abroad outdoors lawn wedding becomes fashion already, the wedding of golf field especially popular.

Bridal dot and the option that hold time are very important, can offer inside Beijing hold such bridal place not much, only a few a few high-grade guesthouse, of restaurant hind the garden can choose, and a lot of suburb places go vacationing village, conference center, recreational recreation ground, have price moderate however, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, hand in the greenbelt of aperient benefit.

Marriage banquet is self-help means commonly, use Western-style, or Chinese style dish, the means of Western-style self-help, be like conditional, OK also after outdoors holds wedding, marriage dinner is held inside the dining-room near, wedding is different from the wedding inside city, the content of outdoors wedding and formal design should have outdoor characteristic, new personality enters means, wear newly-married formal attire to go in wet have on soft lawn break tasteful, can use a pair of new personality to take car of golf of course flower illuminative together, far all along guest sails come, receive them have petaline, applause and guest fix eyes upon, still have divine " wedding march " . . . .

Bridal flow:

Field decorates: Adornment arranges the place of outdoors wedding, it is a crucial link of bridal success or failure. Necessary arena, setting adornment, add atmosphere, the setting of foil effect is decorated, acoustics, the arrangement of lamplight. Combine environmental characteristic, special modelling is decorated etc, collective consummate a warmth is romantic, pure and fresh and natural, have the bridal spot of characteristic alone, the fundamental style of lawn wedding should be given priority to with Western-style style, the characteristic according to on-the-spot condition and new personality wants on bridal design, will assign program.

Before marriage the action is arranged, with other wedding the form agrees basically, but that day, have the place of a few attention however:

1.Close friends can head for destination together by coach together.

2.Left and right sides of before professional marriage celebrates a company to begin in wedding two hours arranges good place, after close friends is present, can be in accept as a souvenir of this group photo.

3.Bridal makeup should be finished in the spot, but the light according to the spot, mood comes the modelling characteristic of specific design bride.

4.Precondition good place wants a flower, formal things, spot band, formal young lady waits for necessary things and personnel, debug nice sound light.

5.Wedding can shorten appropriately time, because guest all stands at lawn all around, and still be faced with wind to blow insolation.
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