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Sweet romance -- candle power is bridal
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Bridal to everybody it is the most unforgettable, the happiest memory, marry in order to mean life the beginning of a new level, move toward from now on brighter tomorrow, wear when side side resound moving heart an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast (Jing) composition, should be the lamplight with attractive irregular change at the moment, lovely bridal He Xiao asperses brilliant bridegroom, in pairs enters brilliant bridal hall, raise bring firearm aureately, ignite divine candle power, flickering candle power set off is worn how new personality is fashionable, romantic, elegant wedding! A pair of how happy newlywed person!

Candle power wedding is the part of the 2nd movement in bridal ceremony symphony, it is the superintend and director in bridal emcee guides below, completed part of the first movement (the first movement is: New personality enters bridal hall---Emcee quizs----Chief witness at a wedding ceremony makes a speech------Exchange bridal keepsake-----New personality words of advice given at parting----Preside over a wedding ceremony the person makes a speech-----New personality acknowledges word----New personality 3 do obeisance to---Open champagne-----Make a cup of wine-----Happy event cut cake------Lift a cup of blessing jointly-----CHEERS---New personality is entered sit advocate desk---New personality each other expresses respect----The bride changes evening dress) of junior travel.

Finish the first movement to change the first formal attire from field hind when new personality, the preparation that comes to bridal hall once more enters, bridal the 2nd movement-----Candle power ceremony will be played.

Above all, bridal hall gate will be shut again, new personality waits outside the door, will enter bridal tonight the 2nd movement----Candle power ceremony: In the aside with wonderful emcee and beautiful composition tone, the lamplight of full-court turns dark, whole ceremony more show divine color, formal young lady opens bridal hall entrance door in confuse sth with sth else guide below, accompanying grace, sweet air, bride and bridegroom are chased after from beginning to end as a pair of new personality, aerosol implement also open at the same time, if wet applause rings once more,rise.

New personality is in the entrance, the 1/3 place of carpet, by wedding superintend and director is guided or flower child ignites what already ignited implement, give new personality, new personality begins to ignite the candle from the first desk of sitting mouth, bless to the applause of every desk honored guest, express oneself cordial acknowledgment and respect,

When new personality ignites candlestick of bridal ceremony main body finally, ceremony of candle power wedding reachs a climax, the candle that new personality is in from lowest jointly ignites fire removing emperor, circle through igniting up 18 small candles or candle of 18 water on the surface, ignite the main body candle among finally, bridal emcee uses aside to promote the atmosphere of bridal spot again.
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