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Holy and immaculate -- cathedral is bridal
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Take bridal spirit seriously to experience experience with ego, majestic, divine, romantic, city white-collar reachs intellectual estate, process tip is shown complex, the communication with guest is less, after cathedral holds wedding, hold to restaurant again marriage banquet and acknowledge simply guest ceremony.

At present the cathedral of Hangzhou area says to be opposite only commonly religion civilian hold wedding to open, and same time also can hold only, lest miss an opportunity,book ahead of schedule.

The bride must wear marriage gauze of white, tire flower, hand act the role ofing very exquisite, bridegroom also should wear swallow-tailed coat, the bow tie of strung red or black, this ability and the atmosphere with bridal cathedral are harmonious, in " wedding march " accompany below, bridal father is carried get a daughter, before moving toward comforter slowly, her consign bridegroom, wedding began. . . .

Bridal flow:

Beforehand the communication with Catholic father is very important, be told because of cathedral wedding to a lot of people more unfamiliar, to holding the in form of wedding, content and detail almost utterly ignorant. So beforehand communicate be about to accomplish know fairly well.

The preparation of marriage banquet is likewise important, when the powwow in cathedral, should not be commonly the guest that has a lot of is present, so marriage banquet becomes new personality and guest communication to communicate, accept important segment of congratulation, generally speaking, after cathedral holds wedding, should arrive a class is higher, the service reachs the designated position, the restaurant with better environment holds marriage dinner, the proposal arrives the hotel of SamSung class above, restaurant had better, photograph picture, take a picture, make up, car, these link cannot be lacked likewise.

Before wedding two weeks: Send invitation, to church guest should be bilateral parents, main relative and particularly close friend, and other major visitor can ask them to arrive directly the restaurant that runs marriage banquet.

A week before marriage: The skin that undertakes a bride nurses and hairstyle clip, with stylish Lang Ying and Catholic father redo are communicated, decide detail, with cameraman, the person such as makeup girl maintains connection at any time, get in time answering that day about wedding watchful the clew of the problem.

Before marriage 2 days: Implement present time and specific number with the guest that is about to attend wedding, consider issue of good liaison man, do not forget shift to an earlier date one day to prepare 2 a basket of flowers meticulously to send cathedral to be opposite in order to show the devoir of goddess.

Marriage before today: Will all detail one by one deliberate, whether does the examination have omit item, conserce strength and store up energy.

Bridal that day:

8: 30 brides begin to make up, the requirement should be in 10:00 before finish
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