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Pure and fresh beautiful beautiful -- lily is bridal
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White represents divine chasteness, a lot of bridegroom brides dream to hold the wedding of a white, but worry again suffer elder people obstruct, have an eclectic idea? The lily that recommends a white to you is bridal, will decorate your wedding with pure and fresh lily, "Hundred years close very much " the implied meaning can make certainly elder people satisfactory.

Ceremonial area

Ceremonial area is the world of a white, this romantic setting can make your engrave lifetime. White carpet extends stage of Xiang Yi type all the time, carpet both sides is Roman road brings 20 white flower, the lily that the upper part that every road makes is a white is acted the role of.
Carpet end is liliaceous door of white, tangle on metallic frame with all sorts of green plant, the composition of beautiful door criterion with a white lily, all over the sky the star is formed, the way with every lily different front, be just as an only small horn, communicating joyance and blessing. In green plant and lily set off one another below, pensile still each is green the apple is clear but person, built the natural picture of luxuriantly green of a green meaning, below the map of the lamp that chase after light and candle power, the cane that is just as early morning is genteel drip glittering and translucent get rid of appears a dew.
Color fundamental key

Flax antependium of white, white chair cover, white napkin, eat dish of white, white lily, white candle, transparent glass, let everything become pure romance rises.

Banquet area

A happy happy banquet began, the combination with strip orderly table is together, natural and optional. There is much group lily to act the role of on table, appear bright not only, and the feeling like dream giving a person. Beautiful time is putting white water bleachs candlestick, flickering candle power cheats a hazy colour for everything on the desk, make each guests in the dreamy world that Dou Mu bath forms in candle power and intoxicate bouquet. A high central ornamental design is acted the role of on every pieces of desk, insert in tall foot cup full blooming lily and emerald green liliaceous bud, flower all around the evergreen cane of the ornament is divided all the time hang down desktop, the flower of lush meets appetite of people inviting a customer is big certainly.

Banquet food

Guests are enjoying beautiful wine cate to the top of one's bent. Delicate appetizing dish colour and lustre is bright-coloured, delicate and not fat. Beef coils asparagus lettuce, citric 3 article fish, cheese, tomato, the cheese of cucumber and Chinese olive make it is strung together, there is arctic on Huang Bai's egg sweet shrimp, bright shrimp, gallinaceous platoon, match with green, yellow, the lettuce of violet different color and colour any of several hot spice plants and black olive. These dish not only find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, and waving light sweetgrass flavour.
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