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Go abroad marry application process

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(1) carries him dweller Id, booklet of registered residence or proof of other census register, can go out to receive form of application going abroad into condition government office to public security bureau to city.
(2) fills in by the regulation form of application going abroad, the proves material and oneself census register certificate that prepares to apply for place going abroad to need, and him near future photograph of without hat of 5 pieces of fronts, offer application to antechamber, the answer concerns an inquiry, notice to had saved number of oneself application going abroad.
(Management of condition of discrepancy of 3) city public security bureau lies 15 weekday after receiving " of " application form, those who be located in effect county inside 20 weekday, make approval decision, inform an applicant.
(After 4) makes a list, if need to inquire the result case that oneself file, can dial the 15882161 inquiry telephone of information desk of message of automatic tone of "168" of city telephone exchange, perhaps head for antechamber to inquire the stage signs up for number of application going abroad oneself, can be informed accurate information.
(5) applicant did not receive those who examine and approve result announcement inside formulary time, have authority inquiry, accept a branch to ought to make reply, the applicant thinks to be not approved leave the country do not accord with " citizen of People's Republic of China leaves the country enter a country administrative Chinese " , have right up to lodge a complaint of mechanism of one class public security, mechanism of public security of on one class ought to make processing and reply.
(After 6) obtains a passport, must check carefully concerned content (the) such as full name, sexual distinction, age, before going next, be stationed in toward the country China make (get) the house applies visa.
(After 7) obtains foreign visa, head for oneself to police station of public security of seat of registered permanent residence deals with registered permanent residence to cancel or deal with short-term people assigned aborad to register formalities.
(Leave the country with "B" word number in 8) passport the personnel of the card that register, beard by the passport. Does foreign effective visa prove with what cancel registered permanent residence? Quot; short-term people assigned aborad registers odd " , office of government of condition of discrepancy of public security bureau reaching city is changed get number of word of " A " (one type two pieces) leave the country after the card that register, just can leave the country.
(When 9) leaves the country, do not forget to carry passport, chance (boat, car) ticket and healthy proof, leave the country from open frontier defence port.

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