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What does the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine have

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New " marriage law " the 7th regulation: "Have one of following state, prohibit marrying: ... (2) contract the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine. " " mother baby hygiene " the 8th regulation, examination of the medicine before marriage includes the pair of serious transmissibility diseases, examination that appoints contagion to reach concerned mental disease. Visible, the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine basically includes these 3 kinds of illnesses. This law made demarcate the 38th times to the limits of these 3 kinds of diseases:

Appoint contagion, it is to point to " law of contagion prevention and cure " in disease of formulary AIDS, clap, syphilis, leprosy and the other contagion that thinks to the influence marries and be borne on medicine. " mother baby hygiene " the 9th regulation: Via examination of the medicine before marriage, appoint contagion to sufferring from infecting period inside perhaps coming on about mental disease period inside, the doctor ought to offer medical opinion; The both sides of male and female of preparative marriage ought to defer to marry.

Serious transmissibility disease, it is to because genetic element a priori is formed,point to, the patient perhaps loses own viability partly entirely, unborn emersion risk is high, think to should not be on medicine birth transmissibility disease. " mother baby hygiene " the 10th regulation: This kind of patient agrees to fall in both sides, adopt lasting effect contraceptive measure to perhaps apply be not borne after ligation operation, OK marriage.

About mental disease, it is to show schizophrenia, mania is depressed model mental disease and other and heavy-duty mental disease.

Additional, according to top people court " how to maintain feeling of husband and wife about case of divorce of people court cognizance truly already cracked a certain number of specific opinions " the 1st " one party suffers from prohibit marrying of the disease, or one party has physiology drawback, or other reason cannot produce sexual behavior, and cure hard " the regulation is illative and knowable, one party has serious genital illness to suffer from, as a result cannot produce sexual behavior, also should belong to the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine.

As medical progress, a few diseases that unfavorable marriage can be cured, but can discover a few diseases that newly unfavorable marriage again at the same time, accordingly, our country marriage law is done not have specific list the person that has what disease to prohibit marrying, make principle provision only however.

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