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Marriage of people assigned aborad registers administrative method

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The first marriage to strengthen people assigned aborad registers management, protect the legitimate rights and interests of marital party, according to " marriage law of People's Republic of China " , " marriage registers regulation " establish this method.

The department points to this the 2nd member that what method weighs out compatriots to leave the country lawfully, be in abroad lawful and resident the citizen of People's Republic of China with 6 months not resident above.

Personnel of personnel of the serviceman in the 4th people assigned aborad, public security, armed police, confidential and other control national classified personnel must not be outside my be stationed ining make, get house and living country deals with marriage to register.

The marriage in the 5th people assigned aborad registers the regulation that should accord with a country to concern marriage law law, code.

The 6th people assigned aborad is dealt with in my churchyard marry register, both sides of male and female must arrive jointly the marriage of seat of one party census register or seat of the census register before going abroad registers administrative office to offer application.

People assigned aborad is dealt with outside the condition marry register, both sides of male and female must arrive jointly outside my be stationed ining make, get a house to offer application. Living country of people assigned aborad does not admit the foreign country makes, the marriage that gets a house to deal with registers, can answer home to deal with; The marriage that deals with in living country is registered, accord with our country " marriage law " basic principle and about marry and of substantial important document, give admit.

The 7th people assigned aborad lives together the Chinese citizen in home, and deal with between people assigned aborad marry the beard that register offers following certificate and proof:

The armour, China citizen that lives in home

(One) Id and proof of registered permanent residence;

(2) place unit or village (house) civilian issued marital status proves committee.

Second, people assigned aborad

(One) passport;

(2) place unit (organization of mechanism of above of domestic county class, society, enterprise or business unit) issued marital status proof; Or make outside my be stationed ining, the during abroad marital status proof that the notary organization issues the living country of the attestation that get a house. Hold the marital status during abroad to prove and legal marriageable age already amounted to before going abroad, still must offer unit of the place before going abroad or village (house) civilian the issued marital status before going abroad proves committee. Make outside my be stationed ining, get a house to deal with marry register, the marital status that must provide domestic notary organization to issue is notarial. The period of efficacy of marital status notarization is 6 months. The Chinese citizen that lives in home registers proof of the checkup before the conjugal marriage that still must issue marriage to register administrative office to appoint a hospital to issue in home with people assigned aborad. Had divorced, must offer effective divorce certificate. The person that bereft of one's spouse, must offer conjugal death proof.

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