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Numerate from new marriage law what
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New marriage law is in eventually standing committee of National People's Congress of 9 whole nations is obtained the 21st times on the conference through. Amendment of a law arouses the wide attention of whole society and controversy unexpectedly, and adopt the way that seeks opinion of the whole people to undertake discuss and be modificationed, this is lifted all-timely in the it may be said on phylogeny of our country law. Somebody calls one Cipufa's procedure the modification of this marriage law, discussion procedure, really very reasonable. And the knowledge that all-pervading of place of course of law of this one general is law not simply and clause, more important is the idea that popularized law and consciousness.

The course is extensive and long seek an opinion, after discussing repeatedly, those who obtain the bill that pass and original draft to go up without too much clause is different, but the place that still has a certain number of modification is worth to pay close attention to.

In be being revised to be will original draft by the one place that media key alludes " prohibit bigamy and other the act that violates a monogamy " , instead " prohibit bigamous, the person that prohibit having a mate and other live together " . In this around two in, before half paragraphs " prohibit bigamous " meaning clear and did not change; Second half paragraph in, through in the case prohibit " the person that have a mate and other live together " , should stalk of grain to prohibit mediumly than discussing apparently " other the act that violates a monogamy " the limit that has more specific specific aim and legal responsibility. Alleged " the person that have a mate and other live together " , state with legal language namely almost " concubinage " , and " other the act that violates a monogamy " compare this apparently wide extensive is gotten much, included the sexual relationship outside all marriage almost. Two-phase contrasts, through case compared original draft to take more comfortable attitude to the sexual relationship outside marriage it seems that. But the original idea that this revises is not of course is to make legalization of the sexual relationship outside marriage, made clear law what to should do further however, what ought not to do, able what, not able what. In the social reality that at present down to did not come to, one ministry general is all " other the act that violates a monogamy " decide illegal law, confront daedal social phenomenon hard apparently. In formulate at the beginning of know perfectly well in maintain, the legislation that executive respect handles hard, the earnest sex of its law can be damaged necessarily. In " marriage law " have more in draft discussion draft those who reflect the sort of trying the train of thought with social conduct of legal standard, rectify, not agree with with the spirit of the law. That draft was not obtained tardy through, arouse the strong reaction of social all circles and controversy, its reason also is concerned with this. Pass this in new marriage law later, legal expert points out, of solid to forming an issue marriage " concubinage " should prohibit lawfully, and wait for behavior to adulterine, extramarital love, basically should pass the method such as rule of virtue, party disipline, politics discipline, education, public opinion to solve. In our public opinion conduct propaganda, "Party disipline and the law of the state " often become appear at the same time and the word group with same meaning, but actually party disipline and national law, law and morality, having different level and function severally, emphasize law construction in whole society today, make clear these distinction, having important sense.
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