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The 5 large central issues that marriage law revises
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"Concubinage " break the law: Modification decision sets in active marriage law " prohibit bigamous " the provision increases on the foundation: "The person that prohibit having a mate and other live together " . Such modification, right " concubinage " the problem had specific aim, those who belong to bigamy, ought to investigate criminal duty lawfully; Invalid to the marriage that bigamy brings about belongings is handled, do not get the belongings processing of party of marriage of enroach on Qian; Bigamous to another or cohabitational house of the person that have a mate and other brings about a divorce, without fault Fang Youquan requests to compensate for.

Prohibit the family is violent: Domestic force is influence marriage quality and one of main factors that bring about astatic element, "Prohibit the family is violent " stop second by the first produce supply and marketing to list alone, highlight a regulation, seek the result after the opinion extensively just about. Modification decision returns a regulation: "Violent to the family that carrying out, the victim has authority to put forward a request, dweller committee, villager committee ought to give dissuade; Public security mechanism ought to give crack. Executive family force or mistreat domestic member, the victim puts forward a request, public security mechanism ought to the legal provision that management of according to public security punishs gives administration is punished. Public security mechanism ought to the legal provision that management of according to public security punishs gives administration is punished..

System of ownership of property of husband and wife is clear: With living people thinks simply, belongings of husband and wife is mutual. Nowadays, this " mutual: Also not be absolutely. The mail office after revising listed the limits of individual peculiar: The belongings before the marriage of one party: Because one party body gets the medical treatment that wins with harm,extra allowance for living expanses of cost, disabled is expended wait for charge; The husband returns only certainly in will or donative contract or wife the belongings of one party; Articles for daily use of one party appropriative. The belongings after the marriage before setting marriage of aunt of husband and wife at the same time is OK " agreement " return respective and all or collective all, this " agreement " say with the bottom also be bilateral and freewill, jural did not ask forcibly notarial.
The rights and interests after the divorce is clearer: After listening to each opinion, revise a decision this still with " emotional burst " the principle that allows for divorce suit. Nevertheless, modification decision listed clearly for the first time emotional cracked 5 kinds of case, in order to regard judicatory practice as the guidance of particular operation. In addition, modification decision returns miserly regulation: "After the divorce, do not bring up father worker mother of children directly, have the right that visits children: ; " because one party cradles children, attend job of other one party of old person, assistance give more obligation, the divorce counterpoises to request to compensate to another from time to tome " , turn over the magnitude of value of housework to change for the first time. And, still increased the provision that divorce fault compensates for.
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