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Where is new marriage law newly?
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Prohibit the family is violent

Domestic force is influence marriage quality and one of main factors that cause social unrest, " modification decision " in reiterate " prohibit between domestic member mistreat and abandon " on the foundation, outstanding regulation " prohibit the family is violent " . And set: "To the family that carrying out
Violent, the victim has authority to put forward a request, dweller committee, villager committee ought to give dissuade; Public security mechanism ought to give check. Executive family force or mistreat domestic member, the victim puts forward a request, public security mechanism ought to the legal provision that management of according to public security punishs gives administration is punished. " " modification decision " return a regulation, make crime to carrying out domestic force, investigate criminal duty lawfully. The victim is OK according to " criminal procedural law " concerned regulation, mention to the court private prosecution; Public security mechanism ought to be investigated lawfully, check a courtyard ought to lawfully public prosecution.

Forbidden " concubinage "

" modification decision " in original " marriage law " regulation " prohibit bigamous " on the foundation, increase a provision " the person that prohibit having a mate and other live together " content. Such modification, right " concubinage " the current situation had stronger specific aim, belong to bigamy, ought to investigate criminal duty lawfully; The processing of invalid to the marriage that bigamy brings about belongings, do not get the property rights and interests of party of enroach on regular marriage. " modification decision " return a regulation: Husband and wife ought to mutual and faithful, mutual respect.

Droit is more clear

Before people thinks simply, the belongings during marital relation puts add puts in husband and wife 's charge collective and all. Nowadays this " mutual " also not be absolutely. " modification decision " listed individual peculiar limits, include: The belongings before the marriage of one party; Because one party body is harmed the charge such as extra allowance for living expanses of obtained medical treatment fee, disabled; The husband returns only certainly in will or donative contract or wife the belongings of one party; Articles for daily use of one party appropriative. Stipulated husband and wife is right at the same time before marriage, OK and written agreement puts in the belongings after marriage 's charge respective and all, this kind of agreement has sanction to both sides.

Divorce requirement is more specific

This " modification decision " still with " emotional burst " the principle that divorces as the court decision, but maneuverability increased on certain level. " modification decision " regulation, have one of following state, mediation is invalid, should allow divorces;

1. The person that bigamy perhaps has a mate and other live together;

2. Executive family force perhaps is mistreated, of abandon family member;
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