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How to invite honored guest list certainly

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In invitation guest besides close friends, the person that having important sense to your lifetime namely, have a flock of concerns the wedding that the guest of close and harmonious enthusiasm attends you, can grace to whole and bridal atmosphere many.

1, want statistical guest number, from where beginning a hand?
List severally by bilateral parents first invite list, include to want to invite and must invite, adding your respective invitation list, reach probably number, give this number space of floating of a fluctuation, revise in order to have.

2, the budget of guest amount and marriage banquet differred a lot of, and we had decided marriage banquet place again, how can this do?
Appear such circumstance undertakes adjustment on the number, proper perhaps relax marriage banquet budget and save expenditure from inside other item. Before wedding 2 months and bilateral parents' affirmatory and final invitation list, in order to avoid additional strength. Average public house can be accepted ahead of schedule of 2 months change an announcement, in case overmuch or guest is too little such circumstance happens.

3, I invited some guest only 2 people of connubial, but came however family, very make us embarrassed!
If what one is particularly good at gets the control number with their OK and very good reply first, you can expert the attendance that day affirms with them after invitation is given out circumstance. Such, you need not embarrass and corresponding make arrangement, more helpful also to controlling the order of the spot.

4, we do not miss a little common friend invite, can have the concern that did not want to destroy each other because of this, how to do?
Have the friend of a few friends for instance, have trifling contact at ordinary times. He can let secondhand below such circumstance through the friend (she) be informed a good news, after the event serves happy candy in time. Such both neither affect your relation, also do not let each other feel awkward.

5, although be the lover previously, but the relationship that still maintaining a friend, whether to invite him (her) attend wedding?
Ask for fiance (wife) opinion! After all the wedding that this is you, if bilateral very feel relieved agree, blend of its Le Rong also does not miss elegance.

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