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Cash: How do we ask for the gift of cash

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Ask: If I want cash to make a gift, how should start to talk?

Answer: Should know you are not should Xiang Bin's guests ask for very special gift, no matter cash or other what be. But when they ask you, you can tell them you prefer cash to serve as a gift. Best is the father and mother that you can tell you first, family, good friend. Such, if guest people when asking them same question, they can make same answer for you. But do not want the very official visitor to you people this idea that announces you. (do not mention expressly in invitation)

If guest people if wanting to understand, they can ask your closer friend, you like to receive what kind of gift. A few guest may want to send you the gift of sex of a few material. Remember those who appreciate wanting a heart to put certainly accept each gift. (this means you to should write acknowledgment to believe to friends) , and the visitor that gives ready money to those, the acknowledgment that should give them in you explains you plan how to use this fund in the letter.

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