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Make bridal kinescope into disc of high definition VCD

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The horizontal solution of VCD disc resembles spending for 250 lines, it is the image of the MPEG1 format that was compressed, quality is general, but can contented family is viewed and admire and save with, and disc of quarter collection VCD is general now very cheap, so ovation.

Engrave the note that records bridal VCD disc:

1, should seek a facility all ready, have office place, have business charter, government normal and have linear editor and nonlinear the movie and TV that edits ability atelier or company, can assure quality so. The place that does not seek domestic mill form will do, because of such local facility often not all ready, cannot make a piece of high grade disc;

2, the definition of disc is very important.
The solution that disc of the VCD that make uses on market compresses card to have a lot of kinds, value differs hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, together
The solution that hundreds of yuan family entertainment uses compresses card to make the picture that makes high quality very hard come. Compare major at present have " the Broadway " , " article the priestess is high " , " DV Stom2 " wait for high grade solution to compress card, these card basically are the beautiful home products of all of one suit, quality reach a standard, quality is superior.

3, it is very important to pack. If one piece makes finished VCD disc install polybag,perhaps calculate in a simple and easy dish box finishing, that too failed. A piece of perfect disc should be the back that serves as disc by the exterior photograph of bridegroom bride is stuck, deserve to go up elegant outer packing box, there also is the picture of two new personalities on the box, this ability calculates perfect.
If do not damage artificially, the VCD disc theory of the Cheng on a piece of quality saves fixed number of year to be able to exceed 100 years, but what actually a lot of people are an element is video, of the storage life that is short of 100 years commonly. And the factitious attaint rate of VCD disc wants prep above video tape, although the storage life of the video tape is brief, but still should withhold original video tape, lest cannot be made up for after disc attaint.

Damage to prevent an accident additionally disc, still have a good method, back up one piece is saved namely, and another piece can be watched with be being used or lend a friend, having a piece so always is good.

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