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Defer wedding: How do we inform everybody?
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Ask: Our wedding is surely formerly after a month, but we decide to want to defer. How do we inform everybody?

Answer: When wedding cancelled or be to defer, you can carry the card that print, take note, the form that calls even informs everybody. If possible sentence, also can accomplish on the net. Handwritten of course letter is the most appropriate. Such doing, you need not over and over why is the explanation met such. Also need not the speaks of unpleasantness thing of the again and again, no matter be what reason,make you deferred wedding. Expression is formaller normally:

Mr Xx
AndMiss Xx
Our wedding will cannot hold as scheduled / will be deferred. , time is waited for calm.

One leaves a message normally also should such expression. But need not so formal. But it is what form no matter, deferring bridal consideration is should not write go in. You perhaps need to call remote friend and relative, leave time to cancel airline ticket to them.