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Work in the same place: Invite one part only
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Ask: I work in a very small clinic, over there all people each other are known. I have a few better friends over, but having a few fellow workers is the wedding that I am not willing to invite me is medium. How should I do ability to won't make others felt harm?

A: This is a difficult problem, because this should see you absolutely,of the place is what kind of company. If the company compares old saying, you invite a few closer friends only can be accepted by most person. Because the person of great majority won't expect,be invited by you. But be in the company with narrower place of a few office, most person has a meal together everyday, chat, this kind of circumstance is more impracticable. (the marriage that you perhaps had told everybody you planned) of course you are not to must invite all fellow workers, prep let alone is the person that you do not like. But, the processing of this thing needs a few skill. The invitation of craftsmenship the colleague that you are willing to invite. Send invitation letter in their home, is not to take the office in. And should let them know, you do not want to talk about this thing when work. You need to prepare a few results, lest come up against a few people that were not invited,ask about this thing. You always can say: "Our guest sheet has a bit chaos, "Or " we can bear only so much person. "(if you do not mind such saying) perhaps, the atmosphere in the office will be nervous period of time, but, you should not feel very bad or be to have the feeling that suffer a pain. It is your wedding, you have authority to decide your guest is only.