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Bridal service is prevented cheat a certain number of action -- marriage car pie
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Nowadays borrows luxurious model what is the new people that the car does wedding to use a car already new issue, but if the marriage car that day and you are ordered beforehand, is not same a car or car are less than, be late etc, your wedding can have unpleasant. When order, when is the attention as follows, can make the risk falls lowest.

One, the true condition picture that sees car at least
Connecting general reason condition to fall, you are to those who see marriage car cannot be in before wedding (can see best) , mostly bridal company sees a picture to you only, let you choose. Must not be puzzled by place of beautiful marriage car photograph, those look seeming luxuriant picture often come from the scanning on magazine of a few abroad, or it is to spend the kind that money buys to illuminate, when waiting for you to received a bride that day, leave those who come over is essential not be you take a fancy to that. Must let bridal company see the true condition picture of marriage car to you, those who believe you to be able to judge car basically from true condition photograph is new old degree.

2, know accurate plate name
The brand is the lawful identification of each car. When if bridal company is in,letting you issue marriage car order, affirm to you do not have a brand yes, or the car that the brand locks, then you can get stationary point look, such coming of a lot of dispute. The car that values now, because do not have what both sides allows truly to maintain a condition, the car that the car that day orders very likely with you has wedding deviation. Not be color had depth, it is design had change, color design was opposite, the car is very old however. At this moment bridal company can be mixed with the photograph always have some of difference actually for evade. Because did not know accurate car name at that time, you can eat Huang Li with respect to dummy.

3, careful " black car " , use car of provide for oneself as far as possible
Mostly bridal company does not have the actual strength that has car of provide for oneself, car is from somewhere else outside borrowed, the risk coefficient that uses a car accordingly is very tall. Above all, car of transfer to other localities car condition, function after all how, bridal company itself also is not very clear, you more not from be informed. If bridal company is from borrowed of the company that rent, that circumstance still calculates assure a bit, rent a company to have exact flow and regulation to using a car normally at least. The afraidest is to arrive occasionally " black car " . Alleged " black car " , already driver or individual privately drive the car of company or boss temporarily outside coming out to do marriage car to be nodded in order to earn piece. Once company or boss are occupied that day,want to use a car, the driver comes to the light to avoid, won't drive marriage car for you for certain, after all, outside risking the danger of a squid that be copied by the boss to earn piece it is undeserved. Touch get on such car, you can be big mildew. Of course, bridal company can be you " get weigh in hand " . It is to tell you car produced an accident on the road first (belong to cannot defy a factor) , trade capacity sodden vehicle casually to you again. At this moment, you already waited anxiously in wind very long, the car came, is you go up after all not to go up?
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