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Marry the program that register
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The place that register: The annulus that believe  hands in Chu of  of antrum of Qiang of Bao of Mu Tuo of an ancient nationality in China of closely question of  of Э call on
Carry a proof:
1, dweller Id
2, booklet of registered residence (collective perhaps census register proves)
3, marital status proof
① permanent worker, issue by place unit from retired worker
② is out of job, the individual personnel that do not have course of study by house (village) appoint can issue
③ is out of job personnel, SOHO still should offer labor manual (or charter)
4, 2 inches of colour take without hat of front of near future of person of 3 an anticipatory actin colour of 2 inches of single people illuminates 3 pieces, bilateral photograph color is unified, marry registry office has treasure benefit to come snapshot serves.
5, remarry the special proof of party (need to hold ① additionally- - the proof of ④ ) divorce certificate (or solve spouse concern to prove) (or the court mediates a book) (or forensic divorce judgment) note: Hold elementary court judgment, still need to had taken elementary court of justice to adjudicate the proof of become effective.
6, because of illicit leave the country the special proof of personnel (need to hold ① additionally- - the proof of ④ ) make outside my be stationed ining, the attestation that get a house (or notarial) the marital proof during abroad.
7, because of illicit leave the country go back to the motherland the special proof of the person that settle (need to hold ① additionally- - the proof of ④ ) if do not have the marital status during abroad,prove, can hold classics notarization the single certificate that oneself are in abroad.
The check-up before marriage:
1, hold afore-mentioned prooves, open recommendation of the check-up before marriage in bureau of civil administration of area, county somewhat.
2, carry recommendation, undertake check-up to the hospital of health care of women and children that is in area, county.
3, classics check-up proves to accord with a condition, hold check-up qualification to prove registration book of the Huis political situation.
Other: Jing of け of す of scull of Yi of a surname barren mountain chooses ⒎  dome
The marriage certificate that get:
The marital mechanism that register is in after receiving application the regulation according to marriage law, undertake checkup to party, after be registered by allow, both sides of male and female must show up at the same time, can get a piece of bright red marriage certificate next. Marriage certificate: 99 yuan.