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About marrying check-up
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The great sense of pre-marital check-ups

A pair of lovers, want to always written guarantee Jin Zhi of the Qin Dynasty is good, except deal with marry register, do pre-marital check-ups even. Some people do not understand to this kind of check-up before marriage, consider as redundant. Actually this kind of view is incorrect, because pre-marital check-ups has the following 3 great senses.

The first, be helpful for both sides and the health of next generation. Pass the comprehensive check-up before marriage, can discover a few unusual situations and disease, achieve as soon as possible to diagnose thereby, the purpose of active Jiao Zhi, if be in check-up,bear the disease that can produce temporary or permanent effect, can coach in the doctor dirty gives pair of both sides and the decision with next generation favorable health and arrangement.

The 2nd, be helpful for prepotent, improve ethical quality. Pass familial history inquiry, genealogical investigation, the analysis of family tree, link check-up gain, the doctor can make clear examine break to certain and genetic defect, pass the law according to its, push cipher out " the generation below the influence is prepotent " risk level, thereby help marriage both sides makes marriage Yo decision-making, with decrease or avoiding impropriety marry and hereditary disease be born.

The 3rd, the opportunity that is helpful for mastering feel better pregnant effectively and contraceptive method. Condition of the healthy state with doctor bilateral basis, physiology and birth plan, choose optimal conception opportune moment for them or use contraceptive method, coach they implement significant step, master scientific skill. To the person that the requirement is borne, can help its raise the successful rate that plans conception. To preparing the person that use contraceptive, outside reducing a plan, be pregnant what can make and induced abortion, assure to protect woman children health to offer.

The content of pre-marital check-ups, basically include two big to enquire medical history and medical.

The content that medical history enquires should include:
1, whether does understanding both sides have kin. It is near person, should prohibit marriage. Conceal the true state of affairs to prevent party, requirement both sides produces an unit " marital status proves " , make clear both sides to have without kin.   
2, understanding both sides is mixed now the medical history in the past. The disease of all sorts of the disease of venereal, leprosy that key inquiry and marriage Yo concern closely, mental disease, contagion, hereditary disease, main internal organs of the body and system of reproduction of secrete make water and intellectual growth obstacle, if have congenital drawback, should examine minutely oneself give the course of unripe around, include maternal pregnancy to have reach the weight when be born to wait without means of unusual situation, childbirth.   
3, bilateral individual history. The job that enquires the likelihood affects birth function and habit of living environment, smoke wine hobby, food.   
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