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You marry that day, a what kind of cameraman to need?
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Marrying is an important matter of life, can come down record of bridal most unforgettable that day hour to stay for permanent memory, place of each pairs of new personality is expected. Accordingly, ask an outstanding cameraman, it is the most important thing on your wedding.

So, a what kind of cameraman should newly-married ask that day?
This your cameraman should have the following requirement at least...

A, top-ranking photograph like equipment, namely good camera. The application on society compares extensive camera to basically have the pine below the pine now
The M9500 below the M3500 below pine of next M9000, M3000, pine, , machine of major of number of DP200, DV, BATCAM. Loosen among them next M3000, M3500, M9500 a few kinds of type because function not beautiful, be washed out already basically. Current, use at wedding to photograph issue M9000 and DP200 for the pine like the best model.

The wedding that should have two years of above B, less is photographed like experience. Even if the advanced cameraman of a TV station, in the first time pat wedding
When, also do not pat give good movie, how because he does not understand,should pat wedding.

It is C, certain to have culture quality, had been engaged in major of old movie and TV working.

A D, good cameraman is filming not just, he is a good director more, he is met you activity of a day is arranged in perfect orderly.

E, your cameraman, whether to come from at reliable introductory channel? If one dawn happening is accident, whether bagman is participated in adjust?

Are F, asked cameraman and you signed " service contract book " ? It is bilateral agreement service and duty of Wu of bedding and clothing and compulsory proof.

Whether does the G, cameraman that you ask have high later period to make equipment and technical ability, have your video tape professional later period edits? The bridal collection photo that professional later period editor can let you is transcendental and free from vulgarity, have artwork taste more.

Whether does H, asked cameraman come from a professional movie and TV to serve a company, the cameraman that they offer for you will be more calculable.