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8 about emcee why?
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1, why to marry to want to ask emcee?
Marrying is an important matter of life, every should do the person of bridegroom bride, can arrange each oneself bridal detail seriously, you want honour old love young, talk about the past sees the New Year in, ceremony is enthusiastic and considerate, orderly, let all guest be taken the advantage of promote and come, satisfactory and return, this is not an easy thing. You all arrangement are a pearl, and the red line that emcee wears them into a string of necklace namely.
2, what person can be become emcee?
Your elder, leader, friend, colleague, celebrity can be become emcee, besides your accredit to their character, they still should have corresponding level, because you cannot come again. If they do not have enough emcee to experience the level that proves them, what you had better not take yourself is lifetime the important matter does a test. Asking professional emcee is more reliable method.
3, the emcee of what kind of style suits you?
Emcee has various colors, grave big square, ebullient, comical humour, warmth is euphemistic, each has his strong point. Ask what kind of emcee, should by case of the size of scene of dinner of both of you be fond of, marriage, guest second on any account and calm.
4, the emcee of what kind of level suits you?
Some emcee battle-scarred, what kind of occasion can be answered, very respect property. If you are the person with full garden of a pursuit, look for him right. Although some emcee are young, but expert enthusiasticly, style of conversation is fluent, want to have certain experience only, price moderate, quite pretty good also. If you pay no attention to the level of emcee really and the price that cares about him, the person that just gave is OK.
5, the emcee of what kind of the appearance of an actor suits you?
The appearance of emcee should agree with the style, should close with both of you more assist. Cannot compare both of you too beautiful, also cannot compare both of you too ugly, height is about the same OK. Emcee is a greenery, not be one side mirror.
6, when to look for emcee?
In 1, 4, 5, 9, married October, should shift to an earlier date commonly 23 months are booked, wedding day, good emcee wants to be decided early. Other month, also should shift to an earlier date at least 23 weeks talk about good emcee, the time that so that to oneself put apart prepares,works.
7, what to look for emcee to say?
Raise your requirement to emcee, ask him to offer bridal arrangement program. The way of every emcee is endless and same, some makes start only, some makes half show intended for a limited audience, of a few make the whole audience. Some meetings sing, some meetings act in a Chinese opera, some meetings bring full-court guest into play to make game, individual specialty has different, need not program demand perfection, but beg arrangement to help somebody attain his aim.
8, what to do finally?
The result that the proposal of emcee and you discuss must be written down. This do thing on wedding, must get ready ahead of schedule, cannot wear marriage gauze to run back to the home to look for a thing to have not enough time.
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