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Jinan 7 rainbow are formal celebration company
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Company name: Jinan 7 rainbow are formal celebration company

Contact: Hui of  of ň of Dong Yan 

Address: Classics instrument extension line and arrange and street across mouth

Affirmatory: The real situation of 7 rainbow celebration arrives forever

Brief introduction:
Celebration engineers a ministry: Make preparations, engineer celebration of of all kinds practice, factory to celebrate, anniversary of the founding of a school, press conference, offer door of team of lion of brass band, dance, gong and drum, rental rainbow, headroom pompon, gun salute, a basket of flowers, carpet.

Market sale ministry: Product sales promotion is revealed, the performance of literary show, model, cloth that exhibit a stage equipment of diapason of buy, acoustics.

Marriage celebrate a ministry: Professional emcee is photographed picture, design of luxurious marriage car, bridal setting, make elegant VCD