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Celebration of art and literary circles
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Company name: Celebration of art and literary circles

Contact: Emcee of? of wild rice of clear of bursa of ㄎ of 7 Mi octogenarian)

Address: The area in Jinan city town 27 south road a 2 buildings

Affirmatory: The service with the heart the most excellent dedication that uses our sincerity

Brief introduction:

Marriage celebrate a service: Bridal plan, setting is decorated, adornment of car of rental, marriage, major absorbs car of gold emcee, electroacoustic band, marriage resemble, quarter collection CD, bride holds beautiful, bride in both hands masked, marriage celebrates show, marriage to celebrate gun salute, Longfeng

Celebration serves: Project plan, decorate the spot, chair take a picture, carpet of band of acoustics of balloon arch, arena, literary show, electroacoustic band, the army and the people, a basket of flowers, dove is put fly, dragon of celebration gun salute, formal young lady, dance