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Beautiful banner martial music is round
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Company name: Sluggish of ㄆ Yang  ?

Contact: Wang Libo (artistic director, artistic chief inspector)

Address: Shade area revitalizes Jinan pagoda tree the street in the road 2

Brief introduction: Osmic brighting  ascends Gao of ⒒ of shank of G of cook over a slow fire of  of Lan Huan ⒊ to sleeve brother's son of  of white of  of cherry of brother's son of  of ┚ of Mao of  of curtain of thistle of ⒉ of Europe of contraction of Lan Huan ⑿ imprints fraud of ⑹ of copy of rostellum of Bian of  of ⑼ of ā of Fang of ⑽ Pi  Zhu Qie 〗 of ⒗ of bay L Chu scrupulously and respectfully, things of arch of pompon of a basket of flowers, carpet, headroom, rainbow, clipping, luxurious motorcade
Conference of type of type of standard raise a flag, buccal guest welcome, motion battles type of type, common raise a flag