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"Asian theme" into a new favorite wedding photo shoot "according to the Asian
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The couple, dressed in suits and white starched dress, clothing or rolled up both his palms before the starting line, struggling to pedal his bicycle riding or carrying on the track appears in the badminton racket is held in the stadium ... ... Asian Games event, not only so deeply rooted spirit of sport, leaving a variety of events to society, and even married --- the last few days, refreshing the "Asian theme" wedding photography has become the choice of many new Guangzhou, and many wedding photography company to timing of introduction of the relevant "package", by the favor of a new public ... ... New film, "according to the Asian Games" To do a computer company in the Tianhe computer engineer Wang is a super tennis fan, his fiancee is also a "fellow human", the Asian Games coming to their ecstatic. Earlier this year, they both agreed in this year's Asian Games, held during the wedding. This does not, two days before the wedding is over, they have not had enough of that addiction, they clapped together with the "Asian Games" wedding photography. "Do not dare to do too out of line, looking for spots are photography company, are more representative of Guangzhou, but we change a bit on the position, such as tennis racket, are added to the inside. So both traditional there are changes, I feel very good, "Wang said, he should be in Guangzhou in the" Asian Games "wedding photography, the first batch of" eat crabs, "the people. A real estate company in the District of Appin is also good in the beginning of the year during the Asian Games get married. A few days ago when the wedding shoot, studio shot put forward the "Asian theme" concept, very interested in Appin. "Guangzhou Asian Games is an event of epic proportions, wedding photographs at this time if not a little 'Asian theme' is a little loss," Ah Ping said, "Our selection of some of the more famous of the Asian Games venues, such as the opening ceremony held near the sea, sand, such as sports centers, such as University City, the location should be more than ordinary commemorative ... ... " Studio playing the "Asian Games" brand According to the relevant industry sources, the Asian Games since the opening film, "Asian theme" wedding photo studio and photo studio more and more. "A lot of the studio to 'Asian' element blend into the marketing strategy, play 'Asian card' to attract people to '2010 Asian brides' as the theme of the wedding market is also a school of Huo-wang." It is reported that because "Asian Games" Wedding photography with more daring to try and break through, the most prominent is the traditionally "static beauty" as the basic aesthetic requirements of wedding photography, because the variety of sports, sports venues, race spectators to join and become more a dynamic and vibrant, even more "dynamic beauty." "Asian Games, before the days beyond the weekend, we left and right every day there are about 20 new people to take photographs. And now, every day 40 pairs to 50 pairs. Here, of course there are the traditional elements near the end of the year, but more thing is the Asian Games. To tell the truth, we ourselves did not expect 'Asian theme' would be so hot ", located in Liwan District, wedding photo studio of a famous person in charge said.