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Get Married "Big Ben" wedding company losing money lying Wo
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Get married on the road, the longer the bride and groom take the "Big Ben" is continuous "lie nest", made new friends and family before the loss of face, looking for wedding bridegroom anger discussing the company refused. Zhang Fan November 28 people get married, until he found the way in innovative Wujiashan "Shunda" wedding company and reached a verbal agreement with them to the price of 4,000 yuan wedding car rental by 8, the main car is a plus long "Mercedes Benz" Cars. Wedding day, in the way back from Huangpi get married, this car wedding car Big Ben frequent failure, turn off a few times, on the Outer Ring Road in Wuhan, but also because the vehicle in front brakes and rear-end was almost insensitive. Cry uncertain bride and groom Had to switch to take the other car. Later, Mr. Zhang found the company discussing the wedding, request a refund "Big Ben" rent and compensation for moral damages, was rejected. Trade and Industry Department investigation concluded that the company failed to provide safety approval wedding vehicles, resulting in Mr. Zhang got married and regret asylum process at leisure, should bear full responsibility. After mediation, the wedding car company rental fee refund 1800 Mercedes-Benz Yuan, another 1,000 yuan compensation for moral damages solatium.