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A tour in the history of hand wedding ceremony the most romantic
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At 9:30 on March 26, 2009, in the "Olympic Games of small city" in the held a special wedding. Friends of God of War Austrian Emperor】 【Austrian Friends of the heart of the fruit and fruit which in the small Austrian (xiaoao.com) in the acquaintance, friend, love, and ultimately into the sacred marriage, the lovers, 99 days after marriage, in the " Olympic Games Little City "and the testimony of numerous friends in Austria once again exchange rings, each promised the best oath. Extremely strong wedding scene, a total of more than two thousand Austrian network of friends to participate in their celebration, while the small Austrian record in nearly ten thousand more shall bless information. "Marriage is a lifetime can be achieved in such a way, really makes me excited. From two years ago when new to a small Austrian, I was deeply attracted to him, not only made a lot of Brief Encounter from brother, she also found me. Now O'Neal has become an integral part of my life, huh, huh, "God of War God】 【bridegroom message. "My husband and I are in the" Olympic Games of small city "in the know. Began just bought a new phone, I recommend to stall the game, no one thought, and later even made my marriage. My husband and I always accompanied by a small Austrian forever, blessed the small Austrian better and better, "the bride fruit fruit heart message. "These two guys, too romantic, but really good envy ah" Cher Bear Austrian Friends of the shout. "" Little Olympic Games City "is both the largest and most comprehensive platform for mobile networking leisure, making friends is the perfect interactive entertainment community. So far, set up by the small Austrian's" Magpie Bridge "to create a lot of happy family the ! "interview, have done several matchmaker proud to say that Miss Liu. In the "Olympic Games of small city," the leisure and entertainment, interactive world of the perfect combination of friends, share your joy, your sorrow we share. There is never a sense of lack of sympathetic brother and the love heaven and earth; we are here for the competition intense fight lasting all night, romantic activities for the celebration linger; we pray Wenchuan disaster and grief, success and excitement for the Olympic pride ; We will cheer for each group of brothers, for each pair of lovers blessing. This is the "Olympic Games of small city", this will always be your second home.