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Hot wedding market, a specialist wedding website
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Since the early 90s of last century the first Chinese company since the birth of the wedding, wedding cake, the market is bigger and bigger, and led to wedding photography, hairdressing, jewelry, hotels, restaurants, transportation and tourism, home appliances and many other related industries . Statistics show that in recent years, China's annual registration of about 1,000 million couples get married every year the total spending generated by marriage up to 3,500 billion. In 2010, China's consumption has reached thousands of wedding billion yuan, the development prospects should not be underestimated. Because there are so many people in this land cultivation, the market seems to fire up the inevitable. Aili Wedding Network is a professional wedding portal, brings together the famous wedding services, wedding industry to build aircraft carriers, a large number of industry news and information, followed by wedding fashion, wedding guide services for you, choose the best wedding services, build your the perfect wedding. Aili marriage for the new network to provide a comprehensive information platform for the wedding, couples and businesses as a bridge, so that the wedding industry service information is accurate, timely, comprehensive, and directly passed to the target consumers so that new people in the shortest possible time grasp the marriage market, all the information to solve during the newcomers in preparation for hard to find, no direction of trouble. New services for customers and to guide the new trend of marriage.