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Bridegroom is worn of outfit necessary 6 are covered
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Suit: The fundamental choice of suit color is: Black, black, black. The choice writes down sincerely when business suit: 3 buckle a suit to need strung two button, two buckling a suit is only above a button, sheet buckles recreational suit comfortable slant at bodily form fat person, 3 buckling a suit is to holding high school period the place love of the man of gangling body form, two buckle a suit most double platoon of in a popular style buckles a suit but as turndown as round horn or pointed horn is turndown and suitable, DB needle gets double platoon to buckle a suit is the formallest formal attire, if body form is short or slant fat, must choose sheet to buckle a suit.

Shirt: White shirt is indispensable, some brides can choose completely white marriage gauze, at this moment you will be a few more troublesome (do not show a bit give you) , but you still should go up fully a white shirt, no matter you pick which kinds of Western-style clothes, white shirt is true formal attire shirt absolutely. Shirt pocket should have knit grain, still should those who hold out draw together stand get.

Cravat: Decorative pattern design and color is OK and a bit brighter, add a few festive atmosphere more to oneself. Brunet suit appropriate matchs brunet tie, appropriate of light color suit matchs light color tie, cravat color is the same as suit color close, also but slightly deep at the suit. But, red and amaranth (bring figure or plain coloured) versatility is big, can deserve to allow the suit of a variety of color. Or, try black cravat bravely, must have worn ahead of schedule in bridal day, because you were sure the meeting is so busy that the meeting turn all round that day, and the far from likely and clean benefit that your hand can shake hits a beautiful cravat all aloningly buckle. Particularly fashionable man can be worn hard hard chromatic bowknot bow tie, if you are not this kind of personage, still fasten adventure, otherwise you look unlike bridegroom, resemble a guest, gallus needs absolutely of course, and want black ribbon to deduct a key point the sort of -- it is on the safe side most.

Waistcoat or obi: How does this different accept or reject, depend on your individual style completely and decide, if you do not belong to fashionable pioneer, the color that likes to recommend most with us -- black. Write down sincerely: Waistcoat, obi must obscure your gallus.

Shirt button and cuff-link: Simple namely good, gold pledges or silver can reflect grade most character, you get a this different lane to get easy grace.

Shoe: The shoe of bridegroom is the most careless the actor's costumes that does not get, a pair of good shoes make bridegroom confidence centuple, either the integral figure that excellent made shoe can let bridegroom sells at a discount greatly, even if shoe can have " a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role " suspicion, that lets it wanton, if the shoe is to follow formal attire one case to hire,come, you can regret surely definitely, best can oneself buy the black tongue range with a pair of simple style cowhide shoe, brush it shinily, shine bridesmaid people the vamp that can use you should make up lens.
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