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Bridal hand maintains a standard beautifully
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As light and majestic march, slowly on the degree red carpet, support and blessing are completely in the look of footpath both sides, and the other one aspect of the matter in red carpet, having the sweetest what be filled with joy the most genuine oath and he is awaiting. You know you are the most beautiful wife today, but must not let a hand hold a flower in both hands mediumly, show the nervousness that gives a heart easily. Want how to hold hand flower, ability looks natural and graceful, give a person decorous and free from vulgarity impression?

What the hand spends is correct holding a way is the little finger should be the same as side with big toe, clip the flower full, can secure bouquet so, unapt chaos is jolty.

If be double hand,hold hand flower, should be to look up hold out a bosom, double shoulder naturally is lop, both hands holds the upper part of bone of beautiful park waist, can give person contented self-confident and comfortable, sedate sense so. Before if spend the hand,raising park chest, your shoulder can rise, give a person nervous sense.

Additional, in card marriage when, normally bridegroom is those who stand in the bride on the right side of, so if sheet holds a flower, should take stop to spend with left hand. If be to use nifty and lovely globose hand flower, can regard it as leftward is carried like the handbag, perhaps hang leftward artifice.