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"History on the most arrogant bridal " star of 5 million Hong Kong and Taiwan di

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Recently, dweller of the village in one city is in Shenzhen big China happy event will ascend a hotel to hold to exceed luxurious marriage banquet, the spot invites grove auspicious Guo tastes spot of big wrist of of superior grade to display sing, undertake whole journey direct seeding with the satellite, the dish gold that places alcoholic drink that day exceeds 5 million yuan.

This message most announce by a netizen first, he gives out a name to be on the net " big horizon: The luxurious marriage feast that sees farmer of Shenzhen this locality " card, attracted the eyeball of numerous person, wedding is judged to be by the netizen at once " history on the most arrogant bridal " . The reporter ascends hotel place to confirm historicity from big China happy event, this luxurious wedding last week day is held in this hotel.

2000 guest to congratulate gold of every desk dish passes 10 thousand

"This is a wedding with the maximum number that I had seen " , big China happy event will enter a public house relevant chief says, marriage banquet that day, be fond of the 1 building that will enter a public house and the banqueting hall of 6 buildings to be wrapped to fall completely, congratulate on a happy occasion comes before 2200 much people, feast placed 250 desks, 1 building and the banqueting hall of 6 buildings are squeezed to get full to the brim. Before be fond of the door that will enter a public house, mix underground in all 500 many cars use completely not quite, around office building also stops entirely before the door full, present car estimation amounts to 1500.

Marriage banquet feast is very costly also, make a path food with complete porket, fim, abalone, langouste is all go up banquet, say according to sending post netizen, he attended spot wedding. Each will join bridal person, after sign in sends red package, the red bag that the other side can return 500 yuan and a cost list Luo Qiao to overcome the ceremony candy of force, the happy candy of the everybody on the desk is good Shi Qiaoke force. the manager discloses, gold of smooth dish of every desk feast has needed 10 thousand yuan, still do not include charge of wine water etc, according to 250 desks computation, this the dish gold of bridal smooth feast needs to cost 5 million yuan.

Spot of star of direct seeding of marriage banquet satellite is displayed sing

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