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A huge sum of money of millions upon millions of Taiyuan employer cost marries a
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The Yangtse Evening Post reported on November 14 Two luxuriousCarTaking what 12 bold horse comprises to greet close motorcade slowly on the route that takes in country, every stop through a village set off firecracker, station of road both sides became full watched villager, more lively than spending the New Year. On November 12, a costly wedding is held in Taiyuan bayou town. The great spectacle of wedding of a pair of new personality and expenditure of a huge sum shook periphery. According to knowingLoverTell, bridal total expenditure achieves ten million yuan

Field spectacle is great

The father of bridegroom is the industry employer that source of an as a way of of local gives priority to. Bridal the day of start business of a that day also is entrepreneur new plant, two happy event add in, the dimensions that also lets celebration becomes bigger.

Walk into the bridal scene that is set inside this business plant area to be able to see, two new personality are as high as the marriage gauze of third floor to be hanged in the front of office building according to spray paint.

A lot of staff member is worn in business deck spot. Mix on the hill on plant area edge inside whole plant area, pulled red colored ribbon. Red lantern, powdery gauze also is used to foil atmosphere and adornment protect column to wait, colored lantern also was hanged on the tree, although had been in the winter, but the spot is filled up with flower. The spot set two stage, also establishment is all ready, float of formative of two dragon phoenix stops on the side.

Stop before office building full all sorts of luxurious cars. Building a fewThe officeRoom of ceremony be regardinged as, the stack inside the hall the firecracker firework that wedding should use. A second floor by office building is the place that have a meal. For wedding, the member that they invited the chef kimono Wu of group of Changjiang Delta meal technically from Taiyuan, prepare food for guest. Tell according to chef, their need divides lunch running water dinner that prepares 160 desks.
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