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Had met year sweethearts is engaged ahead of schedule banquet Macao hotel books
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In new network report is close on November 5 good condition of two years of economy, comfortable meet espouse is good year, many sweethearts " pull bury scuttle " close friends of big banquet fete. According to Macao daily report, manager of Macao wine shop expresses, a lot of sweethearts that talk about marriage talking to marry, stand in a corner-be disappointed for lack of opportunity to avoid feast, shift to an earlier date at least half an year is ordered, review future 3 months feast reserves a table, whenever good day already was used up full. Next year Saturday, good day of day and espouse, marriage banquet feast also full already, feast of banquet of marriage of it serves to show is blazing degree.

The person that have wine shop job expresses, one billow receives marriage banquet feast one billow, future met in March espouse good day, it is marriage banquet books a whole theater completely. The part is intended " pull bury scuttle " sweethearts misses wedding day to avoid, book before it is too late Saturday, the feast of day, incident next year Saturday, day feast all is accused explode full; Zhou Yi is good to Zhou Wu's espouse day, also have sweethearts in succession " bury " .

Cost rises, catering trade also increases price in succession, but consumption of nondestructive love associate is appetent, price of feast of very little dispute, but propose the banquet is to one's heart's content. Feast adds valence to be become partly to after be being become, every are surrounded about 3000 reach 4000 yuan, market sentiment chooses medium, high quality scales, namely the feast of nearly 4000 yuan of levels, visible dweller relatively wish to cost.

Ouyang Xiansheng of manager of another wine shop expresses, in recent years economy improves, dweller income increases, many sweethearts that talk about marriage talking to marry are avoid " face urgent clasp Budda's feet-profess devotion only when in trouble " , in advance half an year is ordered already was not new issue. The 8 wedding day first half of the year already had ○ more " assured source " , have the feast that loves associate to book ○ two years 9 years ahead of schedule partly more.

Field of marriage banquet flourishing, add business of town of mass organizations, meal not common, wine shop estimates this year the business relatively added last year two into. Mr Liu shows assistant manager of business department of one wine shop, banquet of the mass organizations at the beginning of next year is more, one year wedding day all without exception belongs to future marriage banquet, unripe will is good. Nevertheless, although marriage banquet feast increases,drive business growth, but inflationary tall look forward to, below mutual countervail, profit grows actually not much.