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Next year 51 long holidays should cancel new personality random front line
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Social heat discusses recently " likelihood of 51 " golden week cancels " " message, let many former on next year " 51 " the newlywed person of golden week marriage became confused condition, the arrangement of marriage banquet became the irritated worry of many people.

Miss Sun is opposite Jinan citizen helplessly the reporter says, "I plan to placed marriage banquet on May 6 next year, because this day of golden week has neared an end, many coming home, the wedding that the friend of go on a journey can come back to attend us. " her marriage banquet expended a tremedous effort to just had been booked, main kin friend also had been informed, "These days I am considering all the time, should change after all? " Miss Sun is indecisive.

Like Miss Sun, already many new personality begin to begin to postpone the time of marriage banquet. Provincial capital of hotel of some SamSung class plum the manager tells a reporter, before August, next year " 51 " the marriage banquet of the golden week comes to already was ordered everyday on May 7 from May 1 full, new personality of half the number paid subscription. According to at the outset book a contract, it is more difficult that the newlywed person that had paid subscription should retreat marriage banquet. Nevertheless plum the manager also expresses, "Already new personality and we discuss today, want a next year of marriage banquet remit to May or June double cease day. Want these only double cease day has not been booked full, we can help new personality deal with as far as possible. We can help new personality deal with as far as possible..

As we have learned, annual " 51 " the golden week is to marry height, it is an Olympic Games next year especially year, marrying is to gather together more. The administrator of many hotels reminds, if change marriage dinner time, must make a plan ahead of schedule, otherwise as the increase that books a number, the hotel is very difficult settling time.

Also many hotel managers suggest, reserve next year " 51 " the new personality of banquet of marriage of golden week later period should celebrate a company to talk things over adequately with relatives and friends, marriage as far as possible, below the circumstance that marriage banquet cannot adjust, new personality can consider to reduce complex flow, in order to get used to the timeline during weekday.