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The men and women marries differ a few years old to be optimal
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Male become greatly marriage, female should marry greatly, this is through the ages often manages. Seek a what kind of partner, it is every maiden person the issue that considers above all. The men and women marries should consider a lot of factors, among them age difference is a very serious content. A few unmarried friends are when choose idol encountered this very real problem, the person age that oneself like bigger or slant small, suffer family object, also have the pressure of public opinion of a few societies, but oneself are not willing to abandon again, do not have a law to make choice, because this is immersed in affliction in, do not know how to free oneself.

This kind of circumstance is very much in marry see. Does that men and women marry it is how old and advisable that the age differs after all? How to understand on lot put in order?

Above all, marriage from come up at all looking is a kind of lot, and can be encountered and lot cannot be demanded. Often say to there is the love of for no reason at all on the world, also do not have the hate of for no reason at all. Two people in boundless and indistinct sea of faces, can be acquainted love each other, produce the scintilla of love, the viewpoint that uses metempsychosis looks, it is preexistence writes the lot that come for certain, this life ability encounters love each other. Look with contemporary viewpoint, have for certain mutual appreciation, mutual attract, information of the syntonic that be the same as frequency. Have a plenty of " odour " agree with each other, have a plenty of an advantage complementary etc. The men and women is in when producing good opinion at the beginning, it is your affection I wish, did not add of any conditions, so the feeling in those days is accurate and pure, it is the good foundation that be in love later or marries.

Next, obey the order will look on manage, the men and women marries and do not have the limitation on the age. A way of counting the years of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, regard 12 years as commonly the small metempsychosis of a time, be in so of 12 years old of less than it is with age person, produce feeling extremely easily inside this category, great majority husband and wife of China is in less than of this age category, this is the first marry area. If differ 12 years old above is 24 years old the following, although be two small metempsychosis, but also be in less than of category of easy generation affective, this kind of husband and wife is not scarce also, this is the 2nd marry area. If differ 24 years old above, that belongs two generation person, machine rate compares generation emotive low, if have, also be friendship between generations, old love less, or have some of objective factor and bring about, this is the 3rd marry area.

These 3 marry greatly area, have oneself each marry characteristic. Even if is to differ 12 years old the first area of less than, not all also age is appropriate marry, also have the fact of marital misfortune. Through relevant statistic, the just with divorce top rate happens in 12 years old of less than this area. And additionally two tall ages paragraph marry the divorce rate of area is very low instead. From the point of reality, low age difference person youthful vital energy is filled, refuse to give up, each other is ill-affected, each other does not understand, it is the chief factor that brings about marital misfortune; Moreover, because young heart sex is errant, often happen love another person, do as one wants, the circumstance such as extramarital love affection, also be to bring about marriage because an element of misfortune; Still have, because of him (she) people have young sth used to one's own advantage, think love can come again, do not cherish the lot of two people and established marriage so, also brought about the happening of divorce tragedy finally; It is bilateral economy base again not stable, working life pressure is too great, bring about psychological allergy or mood out of control, husband and wife often quarrels for life bagatelle endlessly, hurt feeling finally, part company thereby.
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