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The courtship of full of humour and wit means
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Colorful dress
The marriage common of southron is rich and varied, from propose to have honeymoon to all be pressed from already traditional pattern undertakes. In England north York city proposes way is very peculiar, acceded archaic folk relic, after the girl is mature, need got married, put on the tight dress of different color, to male signal. Different color expresses different meaning, just and traffic signal lamp are consistent. Green expression: "Come! I am willing love, boldly pursuit! "Yellow expresses: "Good luck is some, if add up to my meaning or the opportunity that have a success. "Red expresses: "At present I still do not want to fall in love, do not go after me. "Brave boy is met according to the other side take look, basis from already the selection goes be being gone after boldly, will never be buckled to go up the cap of misbehave.
The coffee of difficult sip
The wave that just rests in flames of war is black, the courtship of gentle adn cultivated the go on an expedition of means and in successive years forms bright contrast. Male youth admires a girl to want to arrive actively in girl home call at sb's house proposes, can get enthusiastic entertainment. Nevertheless, if you obtained this kind of courtship that regards you enthusiasticly,pass, you are especially wrong with respect to blunder. No matter how many beauty was put on table,wine cate is not real message, and the coffee that the key is meal hind. After the meal, the girl can carry a cup of your coffee with one's own hands. At that time, below your sip if be agonized coffee, you will take same mood to leave, because it meant a girl to reject your courtship; If below your sip is the coffee that adds candy, you can decorate bridal chamber. The girl's intention is fine suffering. If she agrees with your courtship, one cup sweet coffee is an excellent humour; She does not agree with if, also attend to the face of young, because everybody is willing,hear sweetheart to say to oneself " not " word. Additional, agonized coffee also is helpful for a boy new brace.
Courtship card
German parents probably also very fear oneself daughter is bungled in the hand. The daughter arrived this " get married " the age, they can have something made to order a few beautiful card, imprint above the resume that has a daughter, the most important of course is the postulate that appearance, height, age, specialty, disposition waits advantageous element and man a moment. These card are sent their close friends and the person that are worth reliance by cent. These people recommend his son likely come over, search likely also for you. Nevertheless, the place that they want designed on this piece of card put apart fills in of be recruited " capital " . This kind of method already the character of Shuo of intermediary of be superior to, mix than newspaper again have a definite object in view gets marriage of TV ask forring much.
The act first and report afterwards
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