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"Why do Chinese and Western-style wedding ceremony the bride and groom in different stations ... ..." the wedding show in the fashion show, apart from the weekend event marriage angle, a special invitation to the wedding etiquette expert company, introduced the audience Country western wedding traditions and etiquette. Responsible for this event set the stage for a good century etiquette Planning Ltd, who Yanfang said with deep feeling: "Tanabata is a traditional festival in our nation one of the most romantic holiday, so, as a Professional wedding company, is very honored and very happy to attend this event, to promote traditional Chinese wedding culture contribute to the higher. "According to reports, in recent years, the traditional wedding culture began to be more and more young newcomers Lai, sitting sedan, cross the threshold, step brazier, the bride Xia Pei and other Chinese phoenix coronet wedding elements, more and more began to appear in the new wedding. Qing He, the only visual studio institutions and other public activities for this put a lot of manpower and resources. "2010, love you, want you, we get married!" Paris spring fashion marriage wedding pavilion angle of publicity boards, but also Play such a passionate suitor vows, attracted pedestrians stopped taste. The studio head of Mr. Li Kai, said: Only this year, has repeatedly held jointly with the newspaper marriage for such a large public activities, in particular to participate in the seven Evening cultural festivals, the most meaningful.